We are committed to being a leader in Sustainability for our Industry.


After 40 years of dedication to the Produce Industry, Vision Produce Company understands how closely aligned our business is with the Planet.

We believe that by taking care of the Earth, that produces the food we eat, we are truly taking care of the people we employ and the customers we serve. We are committed to being a leader in Sustainability for our Industry.

Solar Power

Solar Power provides it’s users with numerous financial and environmental benefits. Produce Companies are perfect candidates due to the high usage of refrigeration and cold storage in our warehouses. The use of solar power cuts long-term fuel costs and reduces our environmental impact which is an extraordinary benefit for all.

In 2010, Vision Produce Company installed 384 solar panels on the rooftop of our Los Angeles warehouse. These panels cover 50% of the energy output of our 20,000 square foot warehouse and 4 refrigerated coolers.

Due to the great success and proven benefits of our Los Angeles Solar Power Initiative, in 2015 we took our sustainability mission to Phoenix. We installed over 1900 solar panels on the rooftop our 35,000 square foot facility. Our Solar Power Program in Phoenix covers 58% of the total energy usage, including our 7 independent temperature controlled refrigerated coolers.

To give you a more tangible idea of the positive environmental impact of our Solar Power Initiative, as of April 1, 2019 we have saved the equivalent of 1,210,801 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide, 73,361 Trees and 61,650 Gallons of Gas… and counting!

Solar Dashboard.JPG

To see what our Solar Power Panels are producing in “Real-Time”, follow the link below to view or Solar Power Initiative Dashboard:



Environmentally Conscientious Business Practices


In addition to our Solar Power Initiative, we aim to integrate Environmentally Conscientious Business Practices in our warehouses and through our employees.


In our Warehouses:

  • Our warehouse and offices are retrofitted with Energy-Efficient LED Lighting which saves us a whopping 70,000.00 kWh of energy.

  • We recycle used cardboard daily using our in-house baler-compactor.

  • We donate “less than perfect” produce to our local food banks and churches.


In our Offices:

  • All lights, computers, work station lamps and office equipment are powered down at the end of each day and when not in use.

  • We purchase energy efficient appliances in our employee break rooms and kitchens.

  • Shades and blinds are utilized during hot summer months to keep our office spaces cool.


Through our Employees:

  • We encourage our employees to recycle all plastics, paper/paper goods and aluminum cans.

  • Recycle bins are placed throughout our offices, near copy machines and in our lunchrooms.

  • We encourage paper-less statements and invoicing for all customers through our Produce Software System.

  • We provide Metro Cards for all employees to support their use of Public Transportation whenever possible.