Vision's Benefits!

Here at Vision, we have instituted a number of innovations in service and equipment. Scroll down the page to see how each of them benefits you, our valued customer.

Sales Department

Salespersons work in teams.
Each team specializes in one loading area.
Each Salesperson has a cellular phone.
Sales office maintains 800 phone number.
Trained, friendly receptionist won't keep you waiting.
Salespersons don't pretend to know if they don't.
Salespersons strive to work as brokers.
Salespersons trained to pass on price adjustments.
Benefits to our customers
There is always someone you can reach
Salespersons well informed about their product
Easy for you to reach your contact when you desire
Saves your company money
You receive prompt, courteous response
Your time is not wasted when dealing with us
Gives you the lowest prices possible
You don't feel cheated when market falls

Storage / Loading Facility

We pack all chiles fresh daily.
We offer many types and sizes of containers.
Our repack department is open from 12 am - 3 pm.
We ship all orders palletized and wrapped.
We have four storage temperatures available.
We are open from 12 am to 4:30 pm daily.
We have phone numbers for your trucker.
Our loading dock has a 1800 phone number for you.
We have coffee and bathrooms for your drivers.
Location is close to the market and the freeway.
Benefits to our customers
You have fewer rejections, fewer problems
You can have it anyway you want it packed
Gives you instant service if there is any problem
Saves you time and money in handling
Your product always handled appropriately
Easy pick-up and less hassle for your drivers
Expedites your shipment, easy on drivers
You can check on status of your order anytime
Your drivers are treated with care
Convenient for you and your drivers

Delivery Service

Our delivery bobtails have 'refers'.
Dispatcher available from 12 am to 4 pm.
All drivers have pagers.
All drivers work in uniform with nametags.
Trucks are available to re-deliver your order.
Our drivers use their own electric pallet jacks.
Benefits to our customers
Your produce is properly cared for at all times
You get prompt information on status of your order
Any changes to your order made promptly
You never have confusion at your dock with us
Helps you expedite loading of your truck
Expedites delivery at your dock